Bathtub & Shower Installation

Bathtub & Shower Installation in Plano

Transforming Your Dream Bathroom into Reality

As a refuge from the stress of everyday life, a bathroom should promote leisure. It’s possible for an old bath or shower to fail at this role, however. To make your outdated shower and bath a welcoming retreat once again, trust At-Ease Plumbing. Happy clients and excellent bathroom renovations stand as the foundation of our business.

For straightforward shower and tub work or a complete renovation, call us right away at (972) 440-5644.

Indicators You Require Bathroom Maintenance

The owner of a house may just as easily find himself or herself replacing a shower for aesthetic reasons. Bathrooms have an inclination to age faster than varied rooms within a residence. Sometimes, a shower or bathtub renovation can become necessary to cultivate the value of your home. Of course, before you commence to think about renovations, you might want to schedule maintenance first.

Should you see any of the following troubles with your bathtub or shower in Plano, call us to schedule maintenance service:

  • Loud pipes – If your pipes begin to hammer when you use the tub or take a shower, you might possess one of several issues including high water pressure and loose valves or support straps. Water pressure can even separate pipes from mounts and lead to leaks.
  • Low water pressure – Lessened water pressure will turn a shower into a pitiful joke. A certified plumbing professional ought to check the trouble if your water pressure seems lower than normal. Typically, lessened water pressure becomes happens due to leaky or obstructed piping.
  • Slow drainage – More than a trivial inconvenience, a slow drain can showcase problems with the sewer main or suggest a smaller and treatable clog. You should phone a trained plumbing technician regardless. Store-bought chemicals not only have caustic chemicals that will damage your lines, they also rarely do the trick.
  • Odd water coloration – When the water emerges as any color but transparent, you likely have a problem, such as air in the piping or corroded copper pipes. An honest, responsible plumber will bestow the true diagnosis and repairs.

Phone Our Team Right Away

Our team of plumbers in Plano stand as the local experts for all your shower and tub problems, and of course, we offer toilet repairs as well! The next time you desire to make repairs, do improvements, or remodel your bathroom, give us the first call.

Whether you have a clogged drain or pipe, we’re here to help. Call our experienced team at (972) 440-5644 to make an appointment for drain cleaning in Plano.

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