By At-Ease Plumbing

Homeowners rely on faucets for everyday activities. After all, two of the most important rooms in your household contain faucets, your kitchen and bathroom. It is a place to wash your hands to remain healthy, and wash food items to prepare a healthy meal. It’s with these things in mind, that faucet damage becomes a major inconvenience for homeowners. For At East Plumbing, we offer faucet repair and installation to residents of Plano, TXIf you are concerned about damage, be mindful of these 4 warning signs:


leaky faucet can be a pain. Not only is it annoying, but it can cause a massive spike in your water bill. The origin of this defect is usually stems from increased water pressure and / or broken valves. The dripping should be both audible and visible. Audible in the sense that you can hear it in an otherwise quiet room, and visible in the sense that you can see the dripping, as well as a build up of water near the base of your sink.


faucet that “spits” is likely damaged on the interior. Normally, faucets present a nice stream of water that flows naturally and remains consistent. With this particular defect, the water flow will be irregular, and many times spit water away from the sink and on to you. You might also hear a distinct sound that accompanies the unnatural flow.


Check the handle to your bathroom faucet. Does it cause a “squeak” sound when you turn it on? If so, it could be indication that the stem is damaged. For DIY’ers, you can take some silicone grease and apply it to the creases of the faucet. If that doesn’t work, professional assistance will be required. Call (972) 440-5644 for faucet repair in Plano, TX.