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At-Ease Plumbing is a full-service plumbing company specializing in a wide range of high-quality plumbing services for residents in Plano and the surrounding areas. Our licensed plumbers have over 40 years of experience in tackling all sorts of plumbing problems, including those specific to this locality. From aging bathroom faucets to sewer lines in need of attention, our Plano plumbing services are equipped to handle it all. The same goes for your kitchen faucet. We have the experience to rebuild older faucets when that is a viable option as well. We know how important your home is to you, and we take that to heart in everything we do. Whether you are repairing, replacing, updating, or beautifying, we want you to feel comfortable inviting our plumber into your home.

Here at At-Ease Plumbing in Plano, we understand the frustration that comes with plumbing issues. Our goal is to make the situation as easy and painless as possible. Feel confident that when you call At-Ease Plumbing, you are calling a Plano plumber who will treat you, your family, and your home with the utmost respect.

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Our Plumbing Services in Plano Offer a Range of Solutions

Whether you’re faced with a sudden plumbing emergency or in need of routine maintenance, our local plumbers in Plano are always ready to assist. Our expertise spans from meticulous water heater repair to comprehensive care of your entire plumbing system, ensuring every job is handled with precision and care. Our Plano plumbing services include but are not exclusive to the following:

Water Heater Service

It is a terrible feeling when you wake up for work, jump in the shower, and BAM! No hot water. No one enjoys a cold shower. At-Ease Plumbing Plano specializes in water heater repair and replacement. We have been working on water heaters in the area for over 40+ years. We have seen all makes, models, sizes, and types. Gas or electric water heaters, no problem. We keep up-to-date on City Plumbing Codes and enforcement and have witnessed the many changes over the years. We install tankless water heaters as well as the conventional tanked units. Our plumber can help you decide which option is best for you and your family’s situation. We even install point-of-use water heaters for a single faucet or a spare building if needed. Our Plano plumbing services offer an industry-leading 2-year labor warranty on all water heater replacements. That gives our customers the peace of mind that not only was the best unit installed, but they can rely on having consistent hot water for years to come.

Drain Cleaning

One of the most frequent and annoying Plumbing issues that people deal with is clogged drains. A lot of times clogged drains are inevitable, there are things you can do to help prevent them or keep them from happening frequently, but eventually, you may still need to call for plumbing services in Plano, TX! One common mistake that we see plumbers make is assuming it is simply just a clogged drain, cleaning it and then moving on to the next call. This leaves you shocked when the issue comes back within days of having the plumber out! Although drain cleaning is not covered by warranties, what we can promise you is that we are going to use our drain cleaning Plano experience to diagnose the root of the problem. Sometimes a clogged drain is not just a clogged drain or there is another issue that is causing it to be recurring. Part of the reason why we call ourselves the At-Ease Plumbers is because we bring ease to a stressful situation, we can only imagine how stressful and frustrating it is to call a plumber back out within days of having them in your home! That is why when you use us we are intentional about doing a plumbing inspection while we are in your home to see if there are any other issues that need to be addressed before they turn into large problems. This also gives us the opportunity to find the root of the cause compared to just slapping a bandaid over your Plumbing problem in Plano.

Commercial Plumbing

At-Ease Plumbing also offers Plano Plumbing services for our Commercial customers. Large and small businesses alike will undoubtedly have plumbing issues at some point. We have the experience and knowledge to diagnose and correct plumbing issues at any commercial property as well. We have a number of customers who trust us and use our services at their homes and their businesses. We understand the Plumbing Plano Codes for our surrounding cities and we are registered to pull commercial permits where needed. Water heaters, commercial toilets, faucets, urinals, gas tests and inspections. Our Plano plumbers can take care of any commercial plumbing needs that you may have. Being able to build relationships and help other business owners in our community is truly a special opportunity for us. We would love to be the company you call for all your plumbing repairs in Plano, whether residential or commercial! If you have any questions or would like to get on the schedule then click on the phone number or fill out the form on the site!

Bathroom Remodeling

Here at At-Ease Plumbing we understand that sometimes our customers just want to update their bathrooms or kitchens. This can be a daunting task once you start looking at everything that goes into a remodel. Whether a Plumbing Plano remodel or a plumbing update, At-Ease Plumbing can take care of it. General Contractors and home-owners both use us. In every city in our area, you will need a permit to do any plumbing work on a home. General Contractors cannot pull plumbing permits. A Responsible Master Plumbing license and liability insurance is required to pull a permit. At-Ease Plumbing is registered with both your city and the state of Texas. Not only can we pull a permit, but can complete all the plumbing aspects of your remodel. New faucets, shower pans, moving plumbing pipes, or even adding a new sink in your garage. We can help you with all your plumbing repairs and installations in Plano. Just give us a call to discuss your options.

Slab Leak Detection and Repair

Slab leak detection and repair in Plano require a keen eye and a skilled hand, both of which At-Ease Plumbing proudly offers. With our advanced techniques, we quickly pinpoint the source of the leak beneath your slab with minimal intrusion. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every slab leak repair we perform is thorough and enduring, safeguarding your home’s foundation and your peace of mind. For those unexpected issues, our emergency plumbing services in Plano are available to tackle urgent plumbing leak repairs and other pressing issues swiftly and efficiently. Whether it’s subtle signs or urgent needs, our team addresses each challenge with precision, ensuring your home remains solid and leak-free.

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From small problems to large ones, from commercial plumbing service to residential plumbing repairs, At-Ease Plumbing is the Plano plumbing company you can rely on! We are excited to become your plumber of choice and give you a superior plumbing experience.

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