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Your water heater is perhaps the most-used appliance in your home. While your heating and cooling are invaluable to your day to day life and your refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, dishwasher, and plenty of other appliances are seemingly crucial to your quality of life, your water heater affects almost all of them directly. Without a water heater, your washing machine would not have “warm” or “hot” cycles. Your dishwasher wouldn’t work nearly as well as it does. You wouldn’t even be able to wash your hands with warm water or enjoy the pleasure of a hot shower.

However, water heaters don’t last forever, and after a while it’s not uncommon to have to replace it completely. In this blog, we’ll go over a few of the answers to some of the most common questions we receive. If you think the time may have come to install a new water heater in your home, this blog may have the information you’re looking for.

How Long Should My Water Heater Last?

The average water heater will generally only last about eight years. By that time, the holding tank will have likely corroded to the point where leaks will probably start forming soon, your anode rod may have corroded away, your heating element will no longer be as efficient as it once was, and you may even see a decline in your water heater’s apparent capacity. Whether you have a leak that needs an immediate replacement or you’re simply looking to stay on top of your replacement and send your current tank out for early retirement, we encourage you consider getting this service done when your heater reaches this eight-year landmark.

Do I Need a New Water Heater?

It’s true that not all problems require a new water heater. Things like dying heating elements can be repaired. Electrical connections can be repaired. Gas connection issues can be resolved. Common code violations can usually be fixed without removing or replacing your heater. Depending on the nature of your problem, you may only need a simple repair. However, it’s not economically feasible or practical at all to repair a leak, no matter how small, and that’s why leaks should almost always mean immediate replacement of your water heater system. If you have a different problem, consult with a professional for their opinion regarding whether a new heater is the right choice or if a repair would do fine.

Do I Need a Permit to Install a New Water Heater?

Yes. Water heaters are considered a major service, and their connection to the public water supply makes them a potential danger to the public water supply without proper backflow prevention. Thus, nearly every city in the country requires a permit to install a new water heater. With this permit also comes an inspection of your new system when the project is done, which you’ll need to schedule immediately after your water heater installation is completed. Getting a permit isn’t nearly as difficult as you might think, however. If you work with a skilled contractor, they can often get these permits for you and do so much faster than you would if you attempted to do so yourself. This is a much easier and more stress-free way of making sure you can get your new water heater as soon as possible.

What Are the Benefits of a New Water Heater?

A new water heater has a ton of benefits for your home. First and foremost, a new water heater is more energy-efficient, which means you’ll enjoy reduced energy bills, more consistent temperatures, and better refill and reheat times than you would with an older system. A new water heater also gives you an opportunity to check for and repair code violations that could otherwise impact your safety, and even make critical repairs to important parts like your gas connection, exhaust connection, or water lines. Finally, a new water heater also offers improved safety over an older system. Older water heaters are more prone to problems that could impact your home, like leaks, pressure buildup, valve issues, and so much more.

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