By At-Ease Plumbing

Winter weather can have a terrible effect on your plumbing if you aren’t prepared for a sudden freeze. Keep your pipes from cracking or bursting with these steps to prevent the pipelines from freezing.

The problem with frozen water in the plumbing is that, as the water freezes, it expands and increases the pressure throughout the entire system. If this pressure continues, it eventually causes pipes to begin leaking.

One step for preventing freezing is to shut off the water to outdoor faucets you don’t plan on using until after winter subsides. Once you cut off the water supply, you can open the faucets to allow any water left in the plumbing to drain.

Another step is to insulate pipelines that are left exposed. This includes any pipes you have in the basement, a crawl space, the attic, or even under sinks. For the pipelines underneath your sink, sometimes it’s enough to simply leave the cabinets open so that your indoor heating can keep the pipes warm enough to prevent freezing. For other pipes in your home, you can buy inexpensive plumbing insulation that wraps around the pipes to keep them warm enough to deter water from freezing and expanding.

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