By At-Ease Plumbing

Sewer lines provide an indispensable function for a home. All of the wastewater you generate, from your toilet to the kitchen sinks, empties into this line. A problem here, whether it’s a leak or outright rupture, will call for immediate repairs. Of course, you should ideally get sewer line problems repaired before they meet a critical point. Here are a few indicators that you may need sewer repair in Plano, TX.

Regular Backups and Slow Drains

If multiple drains around your house have begun to back up, or have trouble training, then you likely have a clog or other obstruction in your sewer. Since all of your drains empty into the sewer line, a problem there will appear elsewhere throughout your home. If your back-up occurs in just one drain, the problem is likely isolated there, and can be fixed accordingly.

Unpleasant Odors

Unpleasant odors or sewer smells around your house can also indicate a leaking sewer line. Sewer lines should remain airtight at all times. Therefore, if you notice a persistent smell, then something has gone wrong. Since leaks can eventually turn into full-fledged ruptures, you’ll want to get this attended to quickly.

Outside Signs

In addition to what you may notice inside your house, signs of sewer line problems can occur outdoor as well.Unusually vibrant or green patches in your lawn can indicate an underground sewer leak. You should also look for odd indentations in your yard, as they can indicate soil erosion from a long-standing sewer line leak.Lastly, check out your foundation. If you notice that cracks have begun to appear with regularity, a leaking or ruptured sewer line may be the culprit.

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