By At- Ease Plumbing

Any homeowner will tell you how inconvenient (and gross) a drain clog can be. Without proper draining, your clogged pipes can’t function properly. They might even burst with extreme pressure. With this sort of problem, it’s tempting to rush off to your local store and buy consumer-brand cleaner. Before you buy, consider these three important comparisons between professional and store-brought drain cleaning solutions.

Comparison #1: Effectiveness

Store brand cleaners vary in terms of effectiveness. Some products take hours of waiting time to barely cut through the grime, while others provide highly capable cleaning capability. More often than not unfortunately, cleaners tend to leave much of the residue and oils that caused the clog in the first place. Professional cleaning solutions on the other hand, utilize a high powered cleaning tools that obliterate the clog itself and wipe away the residual oils.

Comparison #2: Longevity

When a cleaning solution from the store is introduced into your pipes, the end result is often a minor hole in the clog mass that can reform in the following months. In the worst cases, a secondary clog can form, leaving your drain worse off than it was before. With professional services, the entirety of the clog is destroyed and the pipe cleaned to prevent future clogs from occurring.

Comparison #3: Price

Obviously, store bought drain cleaning solutions are cheaper, at least at face value. Some cleaners use very strong chemicals that effectively wipe away the gunk but can also corrode and weaken your pipes. If you use one of these cleaners, you could be walking towards an early pipe replacement. When you use a pro to have your drains cleaned, you don’t have to worry about this damage, even if you might be paying a little more upfront.

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