By At-Ease Plumbing

Our toilet is an important part of our bathroom plumbing. We use it every day, so in order to keep in good condition, we need to give it proper maintenance. Here are 5 toilet maintenance tips to prevent unnecessary repairs.

Clean Your Toilet

This may seem pretty obvious in regards to toilet maintenance, but it is crucial. Cleaning your toilet regularly will guarantee a clean bathroom, but also you will be able to detect leaks easier.

Clean Your Toilet Rim

Cleaning inside the toilet bowl is important and so is cleaning the rim. There are little holes around the rim and if they get clogged, it can cause your toilet to not flush properly.

Inspect Your Toilet

There are several reasons to inspect your toilet, but the most important reasons are to check for leaks and toilet function. You can take off the lid of your toilet tank, flush it, and see if the components in the tank are working correctly.

Fix Your Toilet

If you’ve cleaned and inspected your toilet and you notice leaks, have them fixed right away. Little leaks turn into big leaks and they can make toilet maintenance more of a pain. Contact a professional plumber for toilet repairs.

Don’t Throw Garbage in Your Toilet

A toilet is not a garbage can. You should only be putting toilet paper down the toilet. Flushing tissues, paper towels, or other products can cause clogs.

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